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With 21+ years experience in the multimedia duplication industry,
Porter Media produces outstanding quality you can see and hear
in your next project or presentation.

Transfers and Mastering

Utilizing an arsenal of software and hardware tools for filtering and enhancement,
Porter Media can improve intelligibility, reduce many background noises,
and eliminate hum, buzz and whine from your recorded microcassette,
cassette, personal/digital voice recorder, minidisc, DAT, reel-2-reel, VHS or DV.
We specialize in removing pops, clicks and crackle from your
vintage LP's, 78's and 45's too !

From press-ready audio discs to radio-friendly retail versions
of your next mix or production, we have the track record to deliver
complete satisfaction and that extra touch
to take your sound to the top!


Using both talent and technology backed with years of experience,
Porter Media can deliver with confidence any number or format of duplicated or
replicated media found today. From 1 to 100,000+ pcs.


For those who choose to duplicate their own medias,
Porter Media can provide you with accessories, bulk tapes and discs,
and service on your duplication equipment.
Maximize your tape or disc output by keeping that equipment in top shape.


From film transfer, to VHS copies, to DVD authoring and replication,
Porter Media can work from your existing video footage to produce
any number or format of copies to fulfill your needs.



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